Company Name
Email Address
Contact Name
Please complete as much as possible
Description Of Application
No Of Wheels Per Assembly
Total weight of assembly Kg
Is the weight load evenly distributed
Radial load per wheel Kg
Axial Load Per Wheel Kg
Function Of Wheel Driving Steering Supporting
Running Surface Concrete Tarmac Steel Plate
Rail Other (specifiy)
Rail Type Usuable rail width mm
Speed Of Wheel rpm kph
Frequency Of Use (hour per day) (cycles per day)
Service life Required hours
Environment Temp. deg C Dusty Humid %
(if over 110 deg C see below)
Immersed in water Other (specify)
Rotating Drum
Style Of Wheel Tyred Flat tread Single Flange
Double Flange
Wheel Dimensions Tread dia Tread width mm Hub width
Axle dia
Wheel material Carbon Or Alloy Steel Cast Iron Stainless Steel
Other (specifiy)
Finish Steel (air dry oil) Cast Iron (black etch primer)
Other (specify)
Diameter mm Brauer to define
Bearing requirements Bearing Bush Plain bore
Bearing type Ball Taper roller Spherical roller
Sealed Other (specify)
Bush type Plain Bronze Self lub. Nylon
Other (specify)
Greasing Requirement Through wheel Through axle Sealed for life
Are axles or axle brackets required?
Is a castor assembly required?
High Temperature Application

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