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Schienenrad aus Eisenguss

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  • Ausführung:Schienenrad aus Eisenguss
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Cast Iron flat tread Heavy Duty wheels are normally used when paired on a single axle with a cast iron double flanged rail wheel at the other end of the common axle. The flat tread cast iron wheel supports the load whilst the cast iron double flange rail wheel both supports the load and gives rail wheel guidance.

Such heavy duty wheels and heavy duty rail wheels are synonymous with Brauer, using the very best high grade materials, to ensure safety and load performance over life times of the project. Brauer offers the widest choice available for diameter, load, bore preference and has the most experience in this field when assisting a customers own design needs.

Schienenrad aus Eisenguss
Schienenrad aus Eisenguss
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Artikelnummer A B C Max D Max Belastung Gewicht Kg
CFT130/70 130 70 60 - 1200 7 Preise bitte anfragen
CFT150/80 150 80 60 - 1500 10 Preise bitte anfragen
CFT200/90 200 90 80 110 2300 14 Preise bitte anfragen
CFT250/80 250 80 70 100 2600 18 Preise bitte anfragen
CFT300/100 300 100 75 105 4000 27 Preise bitte anfragen

Other bore sizes and types available on request, including imperial
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