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Polyurethane Vulkollan Tyre

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  • Kategorie:Schwerlastrollen
  • Gruppe:UHQZ Series (12000kg)
  • Ausführung:Polyurethane Vulkollan Tyre
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Ultra Heavy duty castor, fitted with two special Brauer Vulkollan 'Heavithane' Polyurethane 460mm diameter by 75mm wide, direct bond polyurethane wheels.

The UHQZ swivel castor has a load rating of 12000kg, the load is limited by the wheels/bearings to 6400g. For higher loads consider using different wheels/bearings.

The UHQZ range of castors has directional locks fitted as standard.

Polyurethane Vulkollan Tyre
Polyurethane Vulkollan Tyre
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Artikelnummer A B C D E F Load Rating Fixed/Swivel  
UHQZS/H460/75TB 460 595 75 240 150 390 6400kg Swivel  
UHQZF/H460/75TB 460 595 75 240 6400kg Fixed  

Various wheel options available
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