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Polyurethane Vulkollan Tyre

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The GG range of industrial wheels and castors are one of the most popular used, taking a maximum load of 1500kg (limited by wheel choice) makes the GG very arduous. The Brauer GG range of castor comes in both Swivel or Fixed castor brackets and are fitted as standard with Brauer Vulkollan 'Heavithane' polyurethane wheels that are directly bonded with polyurethane polymer to the wheel hub. The Vulkollan 'Heavithane' Polyurethane tyred wheel diameters range from 100mm to 250mm and wheel widths are from 40mm to 45mm. Brauer will also modify to a specific customers design should the need arise.

The GG range of castors are available with individual wheel locks (D) and individual swivel locks (W) if either or both are required simply add "D" or "W" as suffix's to the part numbers below.

Polyurethane Vulkollan Tyre
Polyurethane Vulkollan Tyre
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Artikelnummer A B C D Load Rating Fixed/Swivel  
GGS/H100/40BJ 100 165 90 40 450kg Swivel  
GGS/H150/50BJ 150 216 125 50 900kg Swivel  
GGS/H200/40BJ 200 267 160 40 900kg Swivel  
GGS/H250/45BJ 250 318 195 45 1300kg Swivel  
GGF/H100/40BJ 100 165 40 450kg Fixed  
GGF/H150/50BJ 150 216 50 900kg Fixed  
GGF/H200/40BJ 200 267 40 900kg` Fixed  
GGF/H250/45BJ 250 318 45 1300kg Fixed  

Various wheel options available
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