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Pneumatic Tyre

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Brauer Pneumatic tyred heavy duty wheels & castor units are designed to handle un-even surfaces or rugged terrain, whilst providing a cushioned ride. These special TQZ series pneumatic castors can handle towing speeds to 10kph and can be provided with a wheel face brake suffix (B). The single pnuematic wheel WG castor unit has a load capacity of 2100kg whilst the twin wheel TQZ castor unit has a load capacity of 4200kg and both have a wheel diameter of 535mm (inflated) and tread width of 165mm. 

Pneumatic Tyre
Pneumatic Tyre
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Artikelnummer A B C D Load Rating Fixed/Swivel  
TQZS/PN535/165BJ 535 615.5 457 165 4200kg Swivel  
TQZF/PN535/165BJ 535 615.5 165 4200kg Fixed  

Various wheel options available
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